Tips for choosing the right photos for canvas printing

Canvas printing is quickly becoming popular art, especially used for a personalised home décor. Putting canvas photos on the wall will not only make your house more personalised but will add comfort and modern art.

Canvas prints are very easy to showcase on all parts of the home, which makes them better than most forms of wall art. picking an image or picture that matches your space should be done with care and consideration.

Here are few guidelines to follow when picking out the images.

Choose a quality photo to get quality canvas print

Thanks to the help of latest technology in the digital world, digital print companies are able to enhance and restore old photos. Despite this, there is only so much this companies can do. There are some pictures of very low quality and they can be difficult to enlarge or restore. Choose very clear shots so they can come out great on the canvas print. Pick an image that has very good lighting for a soft canvas print.

Pick out photos that have a considerably high digital count. Go for ones that have between 150-330ppi.  Pictures that fall below 150ppi will simply not do, they might come out blurry putting the focus off making it very unpleasant.  Generally, you should keep away from out of focus, blurry and underexposed pictures if you want a professional and good quality canvas print.

As long as a picture has focus, it can be used to make a canvas print. High pixel photos are easily enlarged which means the produce better canvas prints than pictures with low pixel count images.

Select the image according to the shape and size of the canvas

The size and shape of your picture/photograph plays a big role in the shape and size of the canvas. The type of picture affects the final results of the print. Landscape pictures look great on horizontal/rectangular frames while images of your face and upper body look good on vertical/square frames. Smaller images will come out on smaller canvas prints and images with focus and size will look good on large prints.

The wrapping and boarders

The canvas printing process is easy; first, the material is stretched over a shaped fray that is ready to be hand. This process is known as wrapping and when done correctly, the photo comes out professional and artistic.

Before you decide on the type and shape of the frame, consult the printing company to get the best size recommendations. They should advice you on the angles and size of the image and if it will look good on a certain piece of canvas. You do not need a special frame for the canvas because most are made to be displayed directly.  You can get the company to customize the boarders to your liking based on the size or number of images. You could also make multi panel layouts for your living room space or bedroom wall.


Canvas is not only modern but also one of the strongest and most durable materials. It makes for good art for personalised living space as well as the office.