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How you should hang your pictures on a wall

Gallery walls capture the attention of everyone who makes entry to your home. If you want to achieve this effect, you have to think of your collection of photos. You can mix and match your frames photos with some unique canvas prints. Hanging pictures on the wall requires creativity to make them stand out. You can experiment on different styles until you identify the perfect arrangement.

Before you start, think of your gallery wall theme in every room. Consider where you want each photo to go. While some of the photos look better in the living room, others would suit private areas such as your bedroom. Consider the different sizes of your photos, layouts, and styles for you to create a stunning gallery. After knowing the theme of each specific room, you can start taking the necessary measurements.

For you to hang a collection of photos on walls, you should measure the space available. Make use of a tape measure for this and get a pencil that can help you mark the specific area you would like to place each picture. The most appropriate height used to hang photos is at least 60 inches from the floor. You should also hang them 8 inches from your bed or sofa.

The next step is figuring out the number of pictures that should go in each room. If you don’t have a lot of wall space in your bedroom, you can hang two canvas prints that capture beautiful moments with your spouse. Forallyourprints can help you create such prints for your bedroom. If you have a lot of space in the living area walls, you can blend in a mixture of medium and large photos of different types.

You then need to think about the best layout for the photos. You need some few tools for this, such as a craft paper, scissors, tape, and pencil. Place each of your canvas prints or photo frames on the craft paper and lay it on the ground. Use the pencil to trace along the edges of the photo. You can then cut each of the traced paper then arrange all the cut pieces on the floor. Using this surface gives you an idea of how they will look when you hang them on the wall.

The various sizes and shapes of photos create a unique look on your wall. Use the tape to attach the craft paper on the wall as you leave a considerable amount of space between each paper. Replace each paper with the corresponding picture and attach it on your wall. You can arrange your photos in different styles. For instance, an asymmetrical gallery wall looks quite dynamic when photos of various sizes are placed next to each other.

If you have equal sized photos, arrange them symmetrically. Ensure you take accurate measurements for this arrangement. Leave about two inches space between each photo to give them a structured look. If you have large photos, you can display them as a photo wall spread.