How to Win With Your Canvas Photograph Print

The trick to achieving the best canvas print photo is just to set your camera on the highest resolution. Canvas print paintings have been the in thing for quite a while with some that come from the best artists costing an arm and a leg. Overtime, people decided to customize the canvas prints to reflect their personality, their views and in a way represent their culture and families.

The above has, therefore, worked to the advantage of entrepreneurs because people would pay the highest price to have pictures of their kids, parents, and best friends on canvas and then on their living room walls. Well, that is a nice way of showing love and appreciation, however, how do you ensure that your photo canvas prints are of good quality, read below.

How to get good quality photos for canvas

The first thing that we are going to look at is the size of your wall and the probable size of the canvas print photo that you want on your wall. The canvas print photo should not be too small, nor too big for the wall rather complement if, if your canvas print photos are small then best you implement the wall art gallery design.

Be informed, however, that the large-sized canvas images will be costly but worth every penny. Digital photos of 250KB are recommended for photos that are to be transferred on canvas but you can also go bigger. Before, you send out your digital photo for printing ensure to check on its size, just let the mouse hover over the photo on your computer and then proceed to right-click.

You must be wondering why we aren’t using the photos on the phone given that phones these days have the best resolution. Well, you can use the photos on your phone and if they are small you will have to switch to a collage layout, just get the appropriate application and come up with a collage layout of several photos.

So since most people would rather use their phones to take photos instead of the cameras, there is always the question of quality and whether they are good enough for a large print. So given that you will be using the creator software just look out for the green tick at the bottom right corner.

Photo Canvas Prints for Home Décor 

For as much as we will use the same paint as our neighbors, it is the interior décor that always makes every home unique. So, since using canvas prints that feature paintings has become a staple how about you enhance your space with large artworks of the best moments captured with family.

Hanging the canvas prints might seem easy until you actually have to achieve the right position, so the first thing is to ensure that the selected stop does not have electric cables or water pipes running underneath. The tools for hanging your canvas prints also vary, in which case you can use the D-ring holders, the most common way would however, be to insert a nail or screw into the wall and have the canvas stretcher bar sit over the nails.

You could also use the screw eyes on both sides of the canvas or invest in the sawtooth hangers and use one on the top part of the canvas. Remember that for the above you will have to use a nail on the wall from which you will hang the sawtooth hanger.